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A certain je ne sais quoi

Lucie is a French artist living in London.
At age 14, she joined Studio Gottferdom as a comics apprentice, and later published her first comics in Lanfeust Mag. She passed by a Parisian art school before settling permanently in Kingston-upon-Thames, where she studied Illustration and Animation.
Lucie has tried her hands at all sorts of painterly things. Designing theatre backdrops and prop painting with Olivier award-winning designer Tim Bird, live sketching as artist-in-residence for Sidmouth Folkweek, Womad and the Rose Theatre, illustrating children’s books published both in France and the UK.

One of her greatest adventures has been working on Stonetop with Jeremy Strandberg and Jason Lutes.

She loves board games and RPGs, and always plays a young male bard with flamboyant outfits.

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